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Le blog de fukushima-is-still-news

Le blog de fukushima-is-still-news

information about Fukushima published in English in Japanese media info publiée en anglais dans la presse japonaise

Powerful earthquake shakes Kagoshima

July 11, 2017


Magnitude-5.2 quake strikes off Kagoshima at lunchtime




KAGOSHIMA--A powerful earthquake centering on Kagoshima Bay here in the southern island of Kyushu struck at about 11:55 a.m. on July 11, but no tsunami warning was issued or abnormalities reported at a nuclear power plant in the prefecture.


The earthquake, which registered an upper 5 on the Japanese seismic intensity scale of 7, struck Kagoshima, while Ibusuki and Minami-Kyushu, both Kagoshima Prefecture, were shaken by a lower 5 temblor.


Quakes with an intensity scale of 4 were felt in Kanoya, Makurazaki, Satsuma-Sendai, Hioki and other municipalities in the prefecture.


According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, the focus of the earthquake was at a depth of about 10 kilometers. The magnitude was estimated at 5.2.


Kyushu Electric Power Co. reported no abnormalities in the Sendai nuclear power plant’s No. 1 and No. 2 reactors, located in Satsuma-Sendai, which were operating as usual.

In addition, dosimeters around the reactors have not recorded a spike in radiation levels.


Genkai nuclear plant’s No. 3 and No. 4 reactors in Saga Prefecture in northern Kyushu remain off-line and no problems were reported there due to the quake, Kyushu Electric said.



Strong quake hits Kagoshima prefecture


A strong earthquake has struck Kagoshima prefecture in southwestern Japan.

Japan's Meteorological Agency says a quake with an estimated magnitude of 5.3 occurred just before noon on Tuesday. It says there is no risk of a tsunami.

Officials say the quake was focused in Kagoshima Bay, 10 kilometers below the seabed.

Tremors with an intensity level of 5-plus on the Japanese scale of 0 to 7 were recorded in the Satsuma region of Kagoshima prefecture. An intensity level of 4 was observed in the Osumi region.



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