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Le blog de fukushima-is-still-news

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November 22, 2016

Meteorological Agency to review tsunami warnings



The Meteorological Agency says it will review its tsunami warning system, after underestimating the size of waves caused by Tuesday's magnitude 7.4 earthquake.

A tsunami measuring 1.4 meters was observed at Sendai Port in Miyagi, northeastern Japan, shortly after 8 AM.

The agency had issued a tsunami advisory earlier for waves of up to one meter along coastal areas in Miyagi.

It upgraded the advisory to a tsunami warning 6 minutes after the larger waves were observed.

Agency officials say they will improve the tsunami warning system after analyzing the cause of the discrepancy.

They say a delay in issuing a warning could prevent residents from evacuating quickly.

When an earthquake occurs, the agency consults its database of around 100,000 computer simulations to forecast the height of possible tsunami waves.

Officials say the simulations may not have fully reflected the influence of topography in the bay where the port is located.

In 2011, the agency issued tsunami warnings just after the March 11 earthquake that hit the country's northeast.

However, the actual height of the waves was much higher than it had warned.


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