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Le blog de fukushima-is-still-news

Le blog de fukushima-is-still-news

information about Fukushima published in English in Japanese media info publiée en anglais dans la presse japonaise

Stop new nuclear bomb for Europe!


Stop new nuclear bomb -- B61-12 -- for Europe!

International solidarity declaration needed -- strengthen the global network!

German campaign to send the existing US nukes back home, and to organize against the new B61-12 US nuclear bomb, which is planned to be built in the US by 2020 for five European countries (Italy, Belgium, Holland, Turkey and Germany):

Despite the end of the Cold War, about 20 US nuclear bombs are still deployed at a German air force base named Büchel. German pilots will have to take off with these bombs in Tornado fighter planes when the order comes from the US president, through NATO, to drop them on their targets. This horrifying vision is part of the „nuclear sharing agreement“ in NATO, with its nuclear detererence policy, and includes the first strike option.

These weapons of mass destruction – illegal under both German and international law -- are planned to be replaced by expensive (a $10 billion program), new, precision-guided nuclear weapons in the near future, through the National Nuclear Security Administration's nuclear weapons complex. All three nuclear Laboratories (Y12 Plant, Kansas City Plant und Sandia Lab) are part of B61-12 construction, mainly through Boeing (tailfin kit: $1.8 billion), Lockheed Martin, Honeywell and Bechtel. With about 400 B61-12 bombs to be refurbished for Europe, that’s about $25 million per bomb, calculated by expert Hans Kristensen.

20 weeks of action at the Büchel base


Twenty weeks for twenty bombs – starting again on March 26*, 2017 until August 9th, groups and individuals will hold vigils and other kinds of nonviolent direct action (blockades, trespassing, etc.) at the Büchel base to pressure the government, leading up to the next election in Germany in September, 2017.

*26 March 2010 cross-party motion calling on the government to work towards a withdrawal of nuclear weapons!


Declaration of Commitment

Our Germanwide campaign „Büchel is everywhere – nuclear free now!“ is organized by 50 organisations/groups. The active presence at Büchel is planned to be the beginning of a long-term phase of action to prevent the nuclear upgrade. The core element of the campaign is our Declaration of Commitment signature campaign where people declare in public (on our website):

I will come to Büchel once a year and take part in an action until nuclear weapons are withdrawn, and I will actively commit to seeking a nuclear weapons-free world in the place where I am living.“


We also plan to have an international week of action in 2017. If you are interested in joining, please contact: mariongaaa@gmx.de, or via our website: www.buechel-atombombenfrei.de, and let us know about any support you might need. All kinds of housing, including camping opportunities, exists in this beautiful volcanic region. There will be an office and a contact person nearby.

In 2016 we had 20 weeks of actions with 45 religious, peace, women, anti-nuclear, and other groups participating.


Besides the Declaration of Commitment, we also have a Declaration of Solidarity especially for people who cannot come, but who want to show their full support (please sign on the other side of the page).

In Germany,
the peace movement always risks the possibility of being considered „anti-American.“ With plenty of signatures from the global peace & justice movement, we can show that we are united in our vision for a nuclear-free world – also with indigenous peoples and other people of color, who are disproportionally impacted by the nuclear production chain. We don't want new nuclear weapons, and we believe the money should go to the people's real needs!

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