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Le blog de fukushima-is-still-news

Le blog de fukushima-is-still-news

information about Fukushima published in English in Japanese media info publiée en anglais dans la presse japonaise

Typhoon reaches Kagoshima

September 20, 2016

Typhoon Malakas makes landfall in Kagoshima




A powerful typhoon has made landfall on Japan's southwestern prefecture of Kagoshima.

Officials with the Meteorological Agency say Typhoon Malakas hit near Osumi Peninsula in the prefecture's south shortly after midnight on Tuesday.

The storm has an atmospheric pressure of 945 hectopascals at its center. It is forecast to continue heading east along the Pacific coast of Japan's main island.

In Makurazaki City in Kagoshima Prefecture, officials recorded heavy rainfall of more than 110 millimeters per hour.

Meteorologists are forecasting downpours of more than 50 millimeters of rain an hour in some areas on Tuesday.

Officials are calling on residents to be on alert for floods and high waves.




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