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Le blog de fukushima-is-still-news

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Japanese and Chinese communists don't agree on nuke ban

September 6, 2016

Japanese, Chinese communists clash over nuclear ban




Japanese and Chinese communists fought fiercely over whether to include a ban on nuclear weapons in a joint statement issued at the International Conference of Asian Political Parties in Malaysia last week.

During the three-day meeting through Saturday, the Japanese Communist Party insisted on adopting a statement in line with a draft that called for promptly holding negotiations to conclude a nuclear weapons ban treaty, according to Akira Koike, head of the JCP secretariat.

But the Communist Party of China labeled the draft as hegemonic, saying it forced a certain position.

The JCP rejected the criticism, but the wording in question was eventually removed, as demanded by the CPC.

“It was very unjustifiable,” Koike told a news conference Monday in Tokyo. “Such a development had never been seen since the normalization of ties between the two parties in 1998.”

The JCP has submitted a written protest to the forum, saying that one delegation’s behavior was out of the norm and extremely autocratic, Koike revealed.

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