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Le blog de fukushima-is-still-news

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Who is worried about "no first use" of nukes?

August 14, 2016


Opposition to US 'No First Use' nuclear proposal



The Wall Street Journal says a proposal under consideration by US President Barack Obama to declare a protocol of "No First Use" for nuclear weapons is running into opposition from top cabinet officials and US allies.

The paper reported Friday that the allies include Japan, South Korea and Britain. It says that during a National Security Council meeting in July, US Secretary of State John Kerry raised concerns by allies that rely on the American nuclear triad for their security.

It reports that Secretary of Defense Ash Carter also said a "No First Use" declaration risked provoking insecurity about the US deterrent among allies, some of which could pursue their own nuclear programs.

A "No First Use" protocol would mean that the US would explicitly rule out a first strike with a nuclear weapon in any conflict.

The paper says Obama didn't make a decision about the policy at the meeting. But it quotes people familiar with the discussions as saying "opposition from the critical cabinet members and US allies reduces the likelihood of the change".

Obama is reportedly planning to make nuclear issues a focus of his speech to the UN General Assembly next month.



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