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Le blog de fukushima-is-still-news

Le blog de fukushima-is-still-news

information about Fukushima published in English in Japanese media info publiée en anglais dans la presse japonaise

Kansai Electric happy

Kansai Electric welcomes decisions


Dec. 24, 2015 - Updated 09:31 UTC+1


Kansai Electric Power Company has welcomed a district court's 2 decisions on Thursday regarding reactors at 2 of the firm's nuclear plants in central Japan.

Kansai Electric said both decisions support its belief that safety at its Takahama and Ohi plants has been secured.

It said it intends to keep making constant efforts to improve safety at all of its plants.

The company says it will ensure that the facilities meet new, stricter requirements set by Japan's nuclear regulator so that their operation will have support from local communities and society at large.

The utility says it will aim to restart plants that have cleared safety checks as soon as possible.

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